Artist's Statement

In 2003 I began painting for the first time in my life. The beginning came after an epiphany that revealed an unconscious thought: “ I have always wanted to paint”. This came accompanied by much fear and trepidation; the usual apprehensions about jumping into the unknown, believing that I was not a “creative” person, not being able to live up to my own and others expectations etc. In short, the kind of jumble that we often keep in our heads that prevents us from stepping forward to embrace something that we say we really want. The desire to paint, when awakened in me, was insistent and powerful. As I worked through this fear and decided to move ahead “no matter what”, I was amazed to discover a new world opening to me. Through initial watercolor classes I found that I could indeed paint. I found a passion for color pouring through me although I was a previously self-described earth-tone person. I quickly discovered that I would not be painting in a traditional realistic style. I am drawn to fluidity, mystery, whimsy and the alluring play between form and formless.

Color is the most important aspect of my painting; it makes me feel like dancing; it delights me. As I have evolved as a painter, I have found that the unknown beckons in my paintings. This is no small irony as it was also my greatest initial fear. It is my growing edge; it fuels my imagination and I find that in technique, color, subject matter and vision, I am always beckoned by this play of the obscure. My paintings show a progression in this direction; it makes my soul sing.

From the beginning, painting has been about feeling for me. When I paint I feel at one with myself and all else. I am in the moment.
A successful painting is one that makes me feel happy, content, undivided, and serene. I am always gratified when others tell me that my paintings lift their spirits, it is exactly so with me.

Directions to the Gallery

130 A East Fisher Avenue
Fisher Park
Greensboro, NC 27401

Fisher is a one way street going East to West and intersects with N. Elm at First Presbyterian Church Fisher can be reached by going one block south on Elm, turning left onto Smith Street and follow signs to Fisher Avenue Or coming from Murrow Blvd which turns into Fisher Ave after the Church Street bridge or taking Fisher off of Summit Ave.

Current and Upcoming Venues

Zaytoon Mediterranean Café at 301 N. Elm in the U.S. Trust Building, first floor, 336-373-0211

Circa Gallery: October 9 from 5-8pm Cass will show with 2 other watercolor artists . Located at 150 Sunset Avenue Asheboro, NC

Artstock Tour
in Greensboro, Oct. 10 from 10-5pm and Oct.11 from 1-5pm at my studio on E. Fisher Avenue

Bricolage Art Space:
Oct. 13 and 20 Cass will teach 2 watercolor workshops titled: Watercolor Painting: What’s Fear Got To Do With It? From 6-9pm. Located: at 716 W. Market Greensboro NC 27401 336-271-4004

Weathervane Winery
Nov.1 from 1-4pm at 1452 Welcome Arcadia Rd, Welcome, NC 27374,(336)793-3366 Group show with 5 other artists

Mitchell & Bartlett Orthodontic
, Sun. Sept 13 from 2-5pm Cass will participate in a group show with The Cosmic Cow Society 5314 W. Friendly Ave #B Greensboro NC 27406 336-855-8900

Please call if you have any questions or need directions: 336-392-4043


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